From Another World

The River Douro flowed endlessly, the proof of a mighty force. Although the valley’s main attraction were its wineries, the scenic beauty of the river could never stop tourists, always ready for the cruise.

Years later on another planet…

You could hear the crunch of soil, mingled with the chirping of birds and flow of water as you walked around.

“Visitors are requested to look to their left,” said the automatic announcement; “These are actual shells from the banks of the Douro located in a country know as Portugal. Some of the specimens here are as old as 1996!”

Today Pegman is visiting the Douro Valley in Portugal. Join us for a trip there and then (maybe) for another one at the Earth Museum.

The photo prompts have been given by Sandra Crook at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The word prompt (Crunch) has been given by Six Sentence Stories at Girlie On The Edge hosted by Denise Farley.

17 responses to “From Another World”

  1. Good six. I love museums of any kind. Nature ones are always so enlightening

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  2. Now i’m left to wonder what happened to Portugal, and everyplace else here. Very go


    1. Sorry, it posted before i could finish the sentence, i was trying to say, very good six!

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    2. Well humans just decided to migrate to other planets. Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. They have no shell in their planet? They had to take it from Portugal?


    1. I guess it’s the habit of always saving ‘artifacts’ from ages ago


  4. Interesting! We went to a similar place this week in a way. I really enjoyed this.


  5. Clever stuff, It makes me wonder if this will ever come to pass, I hope so. Intergalactic archaeology

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  6. the comments above remind me of a Steven Wright joke, “I have the world’s largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world… perhaps you’ve seen it.”

    fun Six


    1. Haha. & Fun one liner too! 😀


  7. As long ago as 1996? We must be VERY far into the future in this intriguing sci-fi clip.


  8. You made this multi-prompt work…


  9. Nice combination. I have often wondered at what future generations will make of our modern times.


    1. It’ll probably land up in a museum like in the story

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