To The Past & Back

She looked outside the window. “Ammi was right” she thought as she gazed at the outline of skyscrapers, “the city has indeed changed.”
She managed to get a taxi immediately outside the airport and then started a journey not only through the city (to her hotel) but also down memory lane.

On the way, she saw a familiar area and asked the driver to wait by the side of the road. The Azadi Tower stood strong and proud as it had years ago but the surrounding area was different, you could see tourists going window shopping at the boutiques here.

She passed the park which had considerably shrunk to make way for the nearby fast-food joints. Here, as before, little boys still played football while women met to find out the latest gossip and exchange news.

She got to her hotel, flopped on her bed in exhaustion and then took out her sketchbook to draw all that she had seen; who knows what changes Iran would see in the coming years?

Today Pegman is in Tehran, Iran. The photo prompt (second image) is by J Hardy Carroll at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The word prompt (Exhaust) is given by GirlieOnTheEdge who hosts Six Sentence Stories.

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  1. Always an interesting phenomenon, if we are able to allow ourselves to see it… change over time to a familiar place, that is. Especially when the span of time is between childhood and adulthood, if we are observant we can notice the difference between what the world is us as young people and us as adult. All this without having to take into account the actual physical changes over time.
    Good Six!

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  2. You did a nice job of expressing that there is always a certain familiarity to a place from our youth, a place we once lived, that can never be erased even in the face of physical change and the passage of time.

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  3. This is a nice story of going back to a place after having been gone for a while. Sometimes it is difficult to see the changes because one associates people and experiences with certain places as they once were. Photographs, sketches, and journaling helps us retain these experiences.
    Well written SSS.

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  4. enjoyed the combined challenges and this felt so real, esp. “little boys still played football while women met to find out the latest gossip and exchange news.”


  5. So many chalenges met in a single post. And I thought just limiting myself to 100 words was hard. A very affectionate portrayal of a beloved and intimately-known place, as it changes over time, showing that people too, don’t change all that much over time. Nicely done.

    Like the airmail envelope and pencil shaving in your blog design!

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