How to Complete a Task

Mathilda: Steven! Why can’t you ever complete something you take on? Your friend’s daughter’s doll house is still incomplete, that canoe you planned to make for no good reason is also incomplete, you haven’t yet repaired the taps as I told you to and now it’s run dry. CAN’T YOU EVER COMPLETE SOMETHING!!

Steven: I did, that best-seller I wrote on how to see a task to the finish? How could you forget that?

Mathilda: *Sighs*

Derelict building Sandra Crook


The photo prompts have been given by Sandra Crook at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and by Fandango at the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW). The word prompt (Dry) has been given by Six Sentence Stories at Recording Life Under The Radar.

23 thoughts on “How to Complete a Task

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  1. Seeing the photo as a job that hasn’t been completed is a novel viewpoint, and you’ve fashioned a gently humorous tale from it. You made me smile.
    I hope Steven’s best seller made him plenty of cash!


  2. The best of intentions so often fall by the way. And the sad part is, just as your story shows, we often know how to follow thru but just fail to do so. It is funny that he can write a book about it but can’t put it into practice in his own life. It can sound so easy, but sometimes it isn’t. I tend to have a lot of unfinished projects too. I wish I had clones so I could complete them all! πŸ™‚ This was a clever story, I could understand her frustration with him. Perhaps he had best stick to writing since he seems to be doing well with that!

    Josie Two Shoes ~ Six Sentence Stories

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  3. Being able to learn to appreciate the talents people have is a gift, as is being able to find solutions to those challenges that one isn’t good at addressing. Unfortunately some fail to learn how to do this before complaints and anger intervene. I’m so thankful for the multiplicity of talents and occupations there are to help get things done. It sounds like he has a good heart and intentions.
    Great SSS.


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