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2017 in Review

Note: Randomzb was an old blog that has since been deactivated. The links on this post have been updated to my current blog.

This is my last post this year and with this, I would like to review my blog’s performance along with listing my top performing and favourite posts.

I started Randomzb on 27th January 2017 and since then it’s come a long way, see for yourself:

Total views: 1,139 (based on the time I’ve posted this, it could increase)

Total visitors: 638 (from many different countries I may add)

Total likes: 300 (certainly acted as a boost for me)

Total comments: 297 (I certainly enjoyed reading them)

Now for the posts…

The slow and steady award would certainly go to:

Travelling on Amchi Mumbai’s Lifeline

The posts with the most views, likes, or comments:

A Gift for Santa

Christmas is for Everyone

The Birds and the Bees

How to Melt Someone’s Anger

A Mountain Picnic

A few of my favourites that didn’t make it to the above lists:

Little Joys

A Royal Purple

The Let’s Go For a Picnic Series


So how was 2017 for you? Also, do mention whether there were any posts you really enjoyed reading on Randomzb. Till next year…

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