A Beautiful Journey

“Huff, huff” she finally reached the top. Young Penny had always been looking for something challenging. She zeroed in on climbing up a mountain top. Of course, most of the wise people in her family told her not to attempt it, but she was adamant. And this not to waste. She explored most of the caves in this crooked mountain before reaching the top. She reached there as the sky was turning an orangish brown colour with shadows begin cast all around. As the stars came out, she brushed her hair back thinking about her journey. It was so beautiful!


The photo prompt has been given by CEAyr at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompts have been given by William Butler Yeats at the Sunday Whirligig.

14 responses to “A Beautiful Journey”

  1. Well worth the effort for the reward. Nice story.


  2. There’s something in human nature that when people try to discourage us from trying something, we want to all the more. 😄


    1. Hmmm, maybe it could be stubbornness or a drive to do something different 😉

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  3. How refreshing–no legends, haunts, or terror. Just a lovely glimpse of a determined girls.


  4. What a lovely journey. Penny can sure be proud.


    1. I believe that she really is

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  5. Such a rewarding story – good for the soul – the journey IS worth it!


  6. She’s got the perfect reward for her strength and determination. Lovely story.


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