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The A to Z Challenge 2017 Reflections

April has ended (and I must admit, a bit too soon) and so has the A to Z challenge. Here are some takeaways from the challenge:

1. It’s Not Easy To Blog Everyday

While I started the challenge with great enthusiasm and excitement, I realised that blogging everyday on one theme is not as easy and requires a lot more planning and commitment (as compared to posting once a week). Congrats to all those who completed the challenge with all the alphabets!

What I plan to do with this: Well, a LOT more planning AND doing. I’ve decided (especially for next year’s challenge) to start preparing posts earlier to avoid problems like from being out of ideas to just plain procastination.

2. I Love The Likes, Comments And Follows

There used to be a time when I couldn’t understand why people kept checking the number of likes for that new picture they uploaded on Facebook. I guess I got the point with the increase in blog visitors. I started blogging because I love to write (and still do). The above does help with the appreciation factor.

What I plan to do with this: Well assuming that other bloggers also think like me, I gonna spread the love to others blog posts!

3. There Are Lots Of Great Blogs Out There

Prior to the challenge, I (unfortunately) hadn’t heard of half the blogs that were listed on the A to Z challenge website. I have now started visiting some of them regularly and thoroughly enjoy reading those posts.

What I plan to do with this: Visit as many new blogs as I can starting with the ones I haven’t yet checked out from the challenge.

PS: Sorry for this late post. Had written it 10 days ago but forgot to click the publish button. 🙈🙈

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