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Fiery Hot & Red

Red is one of the primary colours. It is a colour which symbolizes energy and heat. This is because it is also the colour of blood and fire. It also has the highest wavelength. This is why it is used for signs especially ones showing danger (as it can be seen from a huge distance).

Fun Fact: According to a test by a TV show, Red does not make bulls angry and cause them to attack (From which the popular saying ‘to see red’ comes from.) As a matter of fact, bulls (and most cattle) are colour blind. It’s actually a sudden movement which causes the bull to charge (like when a cape is being waved around.)

3 responses to “Fiery Hot & Red”

  1. so red doesn’t make the bull want to attack, though I still don’t get why they even have that particular sport…

    I used to avoid wearing red because it seems too bright to me but now I actually like it but it’s strange though, whenever I go shopping for red clothes, there aren’t any…

    have a lovely day.

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    1. Bernadette Braganza Avatar
      Bernadette Braganza

      Haha. Well that always happens to me when I go shopping for a specific colour.


  2. Nice post! Indeed in my childhood, I had the misconception of bulls reacting to Red, but as I grew up it got clear …
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes!


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