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A to Z Challenge

After enjoying the Short Story February Challenge, I decided to embark on a new one:
What is it?
The challenge basically involves posting daily (except on Sundays). You have to post on a specific theme and use an alphabet as well. Example: A theme with the letter ‘A’ on 1st April, ‘B’ on 2nd April and so on till ‘Z.
The challenge link:
My Theme For This Challenge:
My theme for this month is going to be colours, music and everything associated with them.

3 responses to “A to Z Challenge”

  1. Ooo intriguing theme 🙂

    Ros Fangirl Stitches

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    1. Bernadette Braganza Avatar
      Bernadette Braganza

      Thanks Ros. I do hope you find the posts as intriguing and interesting 🙂


  2. aslifehappens60 Avatar

    Hi Bernadette! Good luck for the challenge. This is going to be my first time too.:) I blog at

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