The internet has brought the world to our fingertips. Now, the answer to any question is mostly a ‘Google it.’ However, one common problem which can happen is when you try to access a website and get the message ‘DNS server not responding.’

Solve your DNS server problems

So what is a DNS server?

A Domain Name System (DNS) Server translates a domain name or website address into its IP address.

There can be a number of reasons why your DNS server isn’t responding. These can range from a faulty internet connection to certain websites being blocked by a firewall.

How to solve it?

  • You can start by checking your internet connection. Try using another device on the same network to connect to the internet. If it isn’t connecting on the other device as well, contact your internet service provider.
  • If the internet is working, check other websites to make sure it’s not a problem with the website concerned.
  • You can also try using another browser to make sure it’s not a browser configuration problem.
  • Try accessing the internet with your device on safe mode. If your device is able to access the internet in safe mode it could be a problem with your firewall, antivirus or another third party software.
  • Lastly, if you still can’t solve the problem, try flushing the DNS cache. Press Windows + R and type cmd in the Run window. Type ipconfig/flushdns in the Command Prompt. Restart your device once the command has been processed.

So get your DNS server to respond and browse away all your questions.

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