Films: Starring The Firsts Among Many

Films have come a long way in India. With many films crossing the 400 crore mark, the Indian film industry accounted for nearly  158.3 billion (In Indian rupees) in 2015 with expectations for it to increase to 181.3 billion rupees in 2016 (Source: Statista). Following are some of the films that have made their mark by being the first in their categories.


Indian Cinema has had two main movements which exist till now:.


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  1. Very good:) We used to watch movies years back, but now we don’t really enjoy the movies, it has been a long time, the very thought of sitting for three hours:)))


    1. @mukhamani, true in a number of cases but there are some really good films still being made. : ) That saying I guess the proverb ‘old is gold’ is valid in some of these exceptions.

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      1. Yes some good movies are coming, but I think we have got out of the habit of seeing movies in the theatre:))), when some of my favourite movies come on the TV, I like to see them, if not wholly at least parts of them.

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