Jugaad- The Way of Innovation

Indians have given the world various useful inventions. From ‘buttons’ to the number ‘zero,’ most of these inventions are still in use. But, more than inventions Indians have made their mark in innovation.

In a hurry to get somewhere but your slipper broke on the way? Just repair it with a strip of tape. This form of innovation is more fondly called jugaad or jugar in India.

Jugaad is basically a simple, effective, quick and cheap alternative to everyday problems. It is useful in many ways:

Good for the Individual

Jugaad is a cheaper alternative to an existing product. A person can use the money he/ she manages to save for other things.

Good for Society

Jugaad enables a person to save resources. A person can use his/ her resources in the most optimized way. This leads to lesser resources being used. The resulting waste matter which would become through the processing of these resources is also reduced.

Boosts Creativity

The concept behind Jugaad is to look at things with a new perspective. Those old cold drink bottles lying in your kitchen can be turned into a vase or table lamp. You can turn waste into wealth with only a little bit of imagination.

Some examples of Jugaad are:

The Bottle Vase Example.


Need a New Sprinkler System?


Trendy Transport!

SourceJug3 (Trendy Transport question mark Tagline)SourceJug2


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