If you have missed part 1, enjoy it here.
DECADE OF DOMINANCE: 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000.
In order to promote their album ‘Songs Of Innocence,’ U2 launched it at the Apple live event on 9th Sept. 2004. The album was gifted to al iTunes users as a free download. Apple is said to have run a $100 million ad campaign to promote the album as well as iTunes, their new iPhone 6 and iWatch. U2’s frontman Bono described the release as an innovative way to bring a mass audience to his album. (As quoted by NZ Herald.)
6. NAME OF BAND: Maroon 5
DECADE OF DOMINANCE: 2000- Till Present.
In 2011 Coca Cola and Maroon 5 brought fans together for an online session in which fans could interact with the band and contribute stuff for the making of a new song. Using an innovative interactive projection technology, web users got a chance to inspire the band as they composed an original song from start to finish in 24 hours.
7. NAME OF BAND: One Direction
DECADE OF DOMINANCE: 2000- Till Present.
(Disclaimer: The writer of this article is not responsible for any emotional outbursts, mental imbalances, etc on reading this part of the article.)
I know that there are a lot of lovers and haters of this band which constantly puts them in the lime light. One Direction first shot up to fame by coming third in the seventh series of ‘The X Factor’ (2010). However, the group’s success is largely due to social media. According to Mark Hardy, former Syco/ Sony Music Entertainment Director, “It was all about interaction, collaboration and content, showcasing the fans rather than the boys themselves.” (As quoted by Marketing Magazine). With interaction with fans through Twitter and Facebook, One Direction has over a million followers.
Thus it can be seen that bands have used various way to promote themselves and their songs/ albums. They have used techniques from elaborate concerts to the social media for this. Techniques used in the past like music videos have developed along the way and are still being used for promotions. In the same way with the advent of the internet and with everything going digital, many bands are using the option of promoting themselves online.

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